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ARGONA End Users Conference

How can recent research improve the governance of nuclear waste management in Europe?

Time March 17 -18, 2009
Venue Pingstkyrkan, S:t Persgatan 9, Uppsala
(Pingstkyrkan - Pentecostal Church - is one of the major conference venues in Uppsala)

The Uppsala conference is an opportunity for communication and dissemination of preliminary results from the ARGONA project and to give the project feedback on its preliminary results and recommendations. The intention is also to give a wider view of the state of knowledge about participation and transparency in radioactive waste management in Europe by the active participation of three other major on-going or recently ended projects - CARL, OBRA and CIP.

The conference provides a forum for municipalities, other end users and researchers to discuss the outcome of research in the field, and to reach their own respective positions about their needs for participation and transparency in the future. The focus is thus on practical implications of research.

You can download the conference agenda as well as all the presentation slides here:

Image ARGONA End Users Conference Agenda (PDF, 348 kB)


Sandemo (Chairman, Uppsala Regional Council Board) Image Presentation PDF (45 kB)
Spangenberg (Mayor, Östhammar Municipality) Image Presentation PDF (728 kB)
Ptackova  (European Commission, DG Research) Image Presentation PDF (505 kB)
ARGONA (Päiviö-Jonsson, Andersson)
Image Presentation PDF (236 kB)
ARGONA (Vojtechova) Image Presentation PDF (151 kB)
CARL (Bergmans) Image Presentation PDF (155 kB)
OBRA (Martel) Image Presentation PDF (1.3 Mb)
COWAM in Practice  (Mays) Image Presentation PDF (239 kB)
Riad (Uppsala Regional Council) Image Presentation PDF (1.1 Mb)
Hammarström (SKB) Image Presentation PDF (185 kB)



Simic (Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste) Image Presentation PDF (59 kB)
Blohm-Hieber (European Commission, DG TREN) Image Presentation PDF (1.1 Mb)



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