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Cooperating Projects CIP and OBRA

In parallel with ARGONA, there are two other "governance projects" in the nuclear waste management area of the 6th Framework programme. COWAM in practice, (CIP) has as main objective to contribute to making progress in the governance of radioactive waste management in Europe. A National Group will to review on-going processes of stakeholder involvement in decision-making in rwm in France, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and the UK. A core group of experts will draw lessons learnt from the reviews to issue EU-level guidelines for inclusive governance.

The main objective of  OBRA is to assess the feasibility of creating a platform for long-term governance on radioactive waste management in Europe. The development of an observatory design proposal includes: 

ARGONA,  CIP and OBRA will cooperate closely. There will be a common web portal for the three projects (manged by CIP) and a common newsletter to be published three to four times a year, (edition by ARGONA). The commo web portnal and the newsletter will be appear April 2007.