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Evaluation, Testing and Application of Participatory Approaches

(Work Package 5)

This Work Package consists of four sub work packages:

Sub Work Package 5.1 is a review of public participation in strategic Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment

Public participation processes as part of legal procedures in the Czech Republic, Sweden, UK and Finland. (e.g. environmental impact assessments) will be evaluated.

Sub Work Package 5.2 consists of testing novel participatory and dialogue approaches

One of the tasks of the ARGONA Project is to test and apply approaches to transparency and participation within the participating countries. This includes using methods like consensus conferences and other participatory methods as well as the RISCOM model in "dry runs" but also in the real environment of rwm programmes, especially in the Czech Republic. The RISCOM model will also be tested in the Swedish case. The testing of novel participatory and dialogue modes will include:

Sub Work Package 5.3:  Role of local referenda and compensations

The role of local referenda and compensation in the siting of a nuclear waste repository will be investigated. This is mainly a desk study based on available information from participants of the ARGONA project but consultations (including representatives from affected local communities) will be performed. Finland is one country which can give input especially to the compensation analysis.

Sub Work Package 5.4: Guidelines on approaches to siting a deep repository

An outline of a model for the siting process that takes into account the need for transparency and interaction with the public will be produced. Lessons learnt will be summarised and a road-map will be specified (with flexibility) and guideline principles will be defined.

Hana Vojtechova, Nuclear Research Institute. Lead contractor;

Phil Richardson, Galson Sciences (for UK part of  Sub Work Package 5.2);

Matti Kojo, University of Tampere (for Sub Work Packages 5.1 and 5.3);