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Guidelines for Participation and Transparency

(Work Package 6)

Finally, in work package 6 the ARGONA partners will develop guidelines for the application of different approaches toward more participation and awareness in decision-making. This will be grounded in the theoretical achievements and practical experiences made in the project and in active communication with national and local authorities as well non-governmental organizations.

Issues that will be addressed are "best practice SEA and EIA", how they can be umbrellas for participative and stretching activities, how various processes can ensure fairness and contribute to trust, as well as what are the roles of stakeholders, such as implementers, regulators, NGOs and communities. A key issue is to what extent transparency, combined with tailored participation, can be made efficient not only from a democratic perspective, but also from the perspective of nuclear waste management programmes. Advice will be given how to link "the three arenas" of transparency, deliberation and representative democracy.

Kjell Andersson,  Karita Research;